Summer Reflections and Fall Preparations at 10,250’

This winter’s firewood is cut, hauled, split, and stacked beneath the Pass Creek Yurt. Winter supplies that ensure lightening your pack fill the cupboards and plastic boxes. We’ve had our first snow at the Yurt and in Pagosa – yes our tomatoes survived! Of course it melted in a few days, but Winter can’t be far off!

The Pass Creek Yurt had a busy summer season, thanks to Airbnb. Folks from Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California enjoyed up to seven days of relaxation, family fun and adventure, hiking and mountain biking from the soul-calming peace and quiet of the Pass Creek Yurt. We are honored to offer this beautiful corner of Colorado to those folks who want to “camp without the camping”, as one happy customer put it.

Our lovely Coleman sunshade, new last year, made it through only half the summer before the alpine winds informed it in no uncertain terms that this is not a suburban lawn, but instead was at 10,250’ along the Continental Divide in southern Colorado. Bye bye sunshade, for now. If anyone knows of an alpine-strength sunshade (without sinking 4×4 posts 4’ into the ground), we would love to know about it.

We are planting native grass seed and wildflowers again around the Yurt this fall just before snowfall. This has been a multi-year project, and is successful. Each summer the view is greener around the Yurt.

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