Sunny preparations for backcountry skiing

Although the major snowpack is yet to materialize here in southwest Colorado, we are enjoying preparing for our upcoming backcountry skiing adventures at the Pass Creek Yurt and avalanche safety courses here at Wolf Creek Pass.  The weather remains mostly sunny and cool, with cold nights.  WCP is forecast to receive 10″ tomorrow and Friday (Nov 16-17, 2017) which will be appreciated by all.  But then the forecast is for a sunny Thanksgiving week.  Worse things could happen 🙂

waiting for snow

A couple of weeks ago to stay busy,  fit, and get a new outlook on life by getting out of town, we did two fun hikes on Cedar Mesa, Utah, a three hour drive from our home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.   The first day we did the 9 mile loop hike to three stone bridges in Natural Bridges National Monument.  Even thought it was a weekend, we crossed paths with a minimal number of people.  A few cottonwoods glowing yellow leaves reflected off the canyon walls as we enjoyed pictographs and ruins along the enjoyable trail through the gorgeous canyon.

After an evening camped under myriad stars on BLM land in our ’85 VW Vanagon, we drove south to access The Citadel.  This is a 4-mile out and back hike to another ruins situated on a spectacular point in Road Canyon.  And of course we made many plans for our next adventures in the area.

preparing for winter in southwest colorado

At home in Pagosa Springs we’ve been working to make sure all our ski gear is ready to go.  My partner Mark and I both have Black Diamond Airbag packs now and are in the process of locating a place where we can get their firmware updated.  Gathering our first aid kits and the repair items that we use for backpacking and kayaking back into our ski packs can take a little sleuthing.  Mark scraped the thick spring protective wax job off our good skis, and inspected our rock skis.  Looks like we might be using them first this year!

Next up will be our woodpile….

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