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COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources

The Pass Creek Yurt is a great place to shelter in place and get out of town. Just you, and your family or small group of friends. You stay out of town – good for you, good for the local community. It’s beautiful, quiet, surrounded by nature, comfortable, and peaceful.

We have instituted new disinfecting steps and supplies in response to Covid-19 at the Pass Creek Yurt to assure a safe environment for you. We have reduced the number of guests/reservations this summer, adding to your margin of safety.

Upon your arrival at the Pass Creek Yurt you will see a list of surfaces to disinfect. We ask that you disinfect these same surfaces upon your departure and initial the clipboard indicating you have done so. Disinfecting supplies and instructions are located in the Yurt. This procedure should take no more than 15 minutes for one person. Our staff performs the same disinfecting steps when we check the Yurt.

These Covid 19 procedures should have no effect on your enjoyment of the Pass Creek Yurt and your hiking, biking, reading, relaxing, exploring, hanging out, watching the stars.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about staying at our Pass Creek Yurt.