Yurt FAQs

  • Chevron down How many people can sleep in the yurt?
  • The yurt sleeps up to 6, but more are welcome to sleep under the stars!

  • Chevron down Is there a cook stove?
  • Yes, there is a 3-burner propane cook stove.

  • Chevron down Do I need to bring propane for the stove?
  • No.  The propane for the stove is provided

  • Chevron down What utensils are provided?
  • A full set of pots, pans, and skillets from small to large. Knives, a knife sharpener, a ladle, spatulas, large serving spoons, cork screw, bottle opener, can opener, cheese grater, cutting boards are provided. Along with an assortment of mugs and cups, plates, bowls, serving bowls, and silverware.

  • Chevron down Do we need to bring toilet paper, paper towels, newspaper for fire starting, or matches?
  • No.  That is all provided at the Pass Creek Yurt, as well as sponges, scrubbies, dish soap, bleach, hand sanitizer, and trash bags.

  • Chevron down Do we need to bring pillows?
  • Pillows are provided. Just bring your favorite pillow case. In winter a flannel pillow case is nice.

  • Chevron down Do we need to bring our own sleeping bags or sheets & blankets?
  • Yes.  There are two comfortable single bed top bunks and two comfortable large double beds on the lower bunks. You bring your sleeping bag or sheets and blankets. Pillows are provided.

  • Chevron down How about lights and electrical outlets?
  • There are solar lights, but no electrical outlets. We suggest you bring a small solar panel or portable power bank to charge your electronics. Leave hair dryers, electric razors, etc at home.

  • Chevron down What is the typical weather for the area?
  • Generally, summer is pleasant during the day, and cool at night. Afternoon monsoons can bring thunderstorms and a significant temperature drop.  Winter temperatures range from below 0 F to mid-20’s F. Dressing in layers is best for all seasons at this altitude. The weather can change quickly in the mountains. Refer to this link for more.

  • Chevron down How do I get to the Pass Creek Yurt?
  • In Winter you ski or snowshoe 3 miles, after parking at the Wolf Creek Ski Area.

    In summer it is a gentle 1 mile walk or bike from where you park your vehicle.
    There is no vehicle access to the Pass Creek Yurt.

    Specific written directions and maps are found on our “Getting to the Yurt” page.

  • Chevron down What activities are enjoyed at the Pass Creek Yurt?
  • Winter: ski, sled, snowshoe, ski tour, cozy up to the woodstove with good friends or a good book, build a snowman, create a luge run, laugh, dig a snowcave and sleep in it, eat drink & be merry, lounge on the sunny deck, drink in a million stars, sleep peacefully, hear the silence…

    Summer: hike the Continental Divide Trail, explore the miles of historic logging roads, trail run, train at altitude for days, mountain bike (easy to challenging), explore, splash in the creeks, refresh in the solar shower, hike/drive to fish, discover the small waterfall, read, write, nap, play games, complete a puzzle, watch for falling stars, howl at the moon…

  • Chevron down What is the skiing like around the Pass Creek Yurt?
  • The Wolf Creek Pass area is world-renown for powder skiing thanks to the quality & amount of snowfall. Situated in north-facing terrain, you’ll find wide snow-covered forest roads ideal for touring to epic powder shots for you adrenaline junkies; wide open tree skiing to tighter forested slopes. From low angle slopes for learning, to steeper, more challenging slopes, all levels of ability can find the perfect slope at the Pass Creek Yurt. That’s not just hype. That’s delightful reality!

  • Chevron down What's the mountain biking like?
  • Ranges from easy to challenging.  Check out the Biking & Hiking page for our mountain biking guide and loop descriptions.

  • Chevron down Are there avalanches near the Pass Creek Yurt?
  • The majority of slopes near the Yurt are safe from avalanches. A few isolated slopes in the vicinity of the Pass Creek Yurt are steep enough to avalanche under heightened avalanche conditions. We strongly suggest that everyone in your group have taken a Level 1 Avalanche course and Avalanche Rescue Course and wear, carry, and be proficient with the appropriate safety and rescue gear. Always check the Avalanche bulletin and Weather Forecast before and during your trip. Check out this link for more information.

  • Chevron down Can we bring our dog?
  • Summer/Fall: dogs are welcome.  We ask that you pick up after them around the Yurt, and they repose on the dog beds, not the human beds.

    Winter: dogs are not permitted, as melted yellow and brown snow does not make for good drinking water.

  • Chevron down Is there a first aid kit at the Pass Creek Yurt?
  • No.  You must bring your own first aid kit.

  • Chevron down Sandy, what food do you like to bring when you go to the Pass Creek Yurt?
  • I endeavor to make the food prep and clean up at the Yurt as simple as possible so I can spend my time skiing, hiking, biking, and running yet still delicious and high calorie. Here are some Ideas:

    • Pasta: Everyone loves pasta, but pasta takes a long time to cook at 10,000’! Plus it adds a lot of additional inside moisture in winter. Instead, I suggest you cook your pasta at home, double bag in thick, plastic bags. When you are ready to eat, heat the pasta in hot water IN the plastic bag or dump it out of the bag into the water. Voila! Quicker, less clean up, less steamy atmosphere.
    • Breakfast Burritos: Make breakfast burritos at home, wrap in foil and a plastic bag (so they don’t leak into your pack). In the morning heat them in a skillet still in the foil – yummy, filling, easy, and no clean up!
    • “Make Your Own” Dinner Burritos: Burritos are a great and easy dinner. At home: pre-cut tomatoes, grate cheese, pre-cut lettuce and place in durable plastic bags (double bag the tomatoes). Bring tortillas, salsa, sour cream, cans of black olives, green chilis, and refried or whole beans, etc. At Yurt: Place beans & cheese on tortilla in hot skillet to warm beans & melt the cheese.  Place on plate, add the ingredients you like, roll up.  Enjoy!  Little clean up, hearty meal. (Thank you, Michael Seeley)

    If you have good, easy meals to share, post them on our Facebook page.