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Summer Testimonials

"Beautiful stream nearby and an excellent view. Lots of wildlife. The Yurt had everything we needed. The poetry word game provided hours of entertainment! We loved everything about the Pass Creek Yurt!! Thanks to Sandy and Mark for sharing this place with fellow travelers and adventurers."

– Alton B.

"It was perfect! A night away from everything, with a wonderful monsoon and tons of wild strawberries!"

– Lucie G.

"This was an experience for a lifetime. The Yurt is breathtaking and had everything we needed to accommodate two adults, a baby, and two doggies. Even though we arrived past sunset, the directions made the place easy to find, even at night. Detailed directions all over the yurt ensure you can do everything you need to be warm, fed, and clean. Thank you!"

– Alana B.

"Great backcountry yurt for hiking and exploring and then star gazing at night, we had an amazing time!"

– Brendan M.

"The yurt was great. It had everything we needed for cooking, heat, cleaning, etc. We appreciated the 2 dog beds too! It's definitely secluded with a 6 mile gravel road and 1 mile hike. We were there on the 4th of July and didn't hear any crazy fireworks, gunshots, or see another soul!"

– David K.

Winter Testimonials

"Three days of Colorado heaven! Blue skies, outstanding views. The boys skied amazing chutes while I explored on my snowshoes. This was my first yurt experience - I am definitely impressed with the cozy bunks, awesome stove, view out the "bubble," interesting books, and the location, location, location! This is why I live in Colorado."

– Carly C.

"No doubt, we did tell many stories of the wonderful day skiing during cocktail hour. Three cheers for the Yurt and friendships made deeper by visiting this place together - the slower pace here is just what I needed."

– Alexey

"Thank you, Sandy and Mark! We so enjoyed this little "heaven" in the wilderness. A gorgeous night - a full moon on the 6" of new snow. Took a snowshoe in the moonlight and worked up to a cloudless blue sky. We loved the oven and secret hideaway for wood storage. And especially the crocs. Thank you for everything!!"

– Cindy, Rob, Meghan & Laura

"What a great trip! Wasn't easy to get my wife out here and I was pretty sure she was going to divorce me before the first run, but once the skiing started she couldn't stop smiling. The skiing was great!"

– Eric I.

"This is my 3rd trip to this awesome yurt, and my 1st backcountry trip with my son (14 years). We found nice turns on the north-aspect slopes. We built a small jump by the Yurt and Colton stuck two 360's! Thanks for everything you do, Sandy and Mark, to have this incredible place to come to. We'll be back!"

– David & Colton C.